Whoop part 2!

Whoop part 2!

Yesterday I had my second CII exam (RO2 – Investment principles and risk), and the second of 6 on my way to a Diploma in Regulated Financial Planning. And the first one I’ve had to do wearing a mask…

I found it really difficult; much harder than the 5 mocks I’ve done in preparation. Some of the material hadn’t been in any of the mocks, and there’s a couple which I don’t even think were in the study text (I shall check the I have the time!). Not that I’m bitter. I passed, though they don’t give scores out for a while.

Much relief!

It’s been a really interesting unit, though I have had to do an enormous amount of work; there’s a huge amount to learn.

Coming in to this I knew a reasonable amount shares, a bit about bonds, and about ISA etc, but I’d never heard of investment bonds. I didn’t even know that life insurance could be used as a form of insurance, let alone the differences in taxation between onshore and offshore bonds…

The next one, creatively called R03, is all about personal taxation. It has a 56% pass rate, due perhaps to only having an hour to answer 50 question, many involving calculation. It’s one I’ll need to really practice.

I’m too tight (and inpatient) for re-sits.

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