A Financial Journey


Below I’ve summarised a few of the websites I’ve found the mist useful. I’m open to suggestions of sites to add.

Meaningful money


Pete Mathew is a chartered financial planner, and prolific podcaster. His was the first finance podcast I listened to (over 100 episodes), and led me to the other podcasts.

The Property Hub

www.propertyhub.net is another site linked to a podcast. As the name suggests it’s a hub for property investors and those interested. There’s an active forum, a range of free courses, and loads of valuable information.

Rob Dix (there’s 2 Robs!) has some good books too. The Robs now run a series of property investment companies and partnerships, including property sourcing and management, and mortgage brokering. This is by no means pushed down your throat though; the podcast (around 6 years’ worth) cover everything you need to know if you choose do go it alone.