To BTL or not to BTL?

To BTL or not to BTL?

Interesting times. I’ve read and listened to many experts on investing, the stock market and property recently, and without fail they have failed to predict what would happen (with the possible exception of the Property Podcast, which thought a boom would be possible).

So who do you believe? Ir do you do your recent and make your own mind up?

It would seem a pretty bad time to consider getting into residential or commercial property. Landlords have been hammered in terms of tax (with some higher rate tax payers now paying more in tax than they receive in net rent), cannot currently evict tenants for any reason (which will have the effect of those on less stable employment being unable to rent in future), property hitting an all time high, and massive uncertainty in the housing market.

And yet…

There’s something attractive about owning bricks and mortar rather than shares. And then there’s the leverage aspect, which is probably the only way it can really pay in the long term.

Me? I’m watching the market carefully in specific areas which should do well in the long term. If unemployment does go up in a couple of months, the market may slow down, with more people needing to rent. If prices keep going up, the next crash is probably not far away.

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