The Millionaire Next Door

The Millionaire Next Door

Thomas J Stanley, William D Danko

A fascination book, and high on many lists of finance books I’ve come across.

It’s pretty dated, so the figures won’t be accurate any more, but the central message certainly is.

Essentially, the authors studied many millionaires, and analysed many attributes. The key take away is that millionaires are’t who we assume they are. Your neighbour with the 16 year old car (me!) who cleans it themselves (me!) and shops around for the best deal (me!) is more likely to be a millionaire (not me!) than the other neighbour who changes their Merc every 2 years.

Also, people who receive financial support from their parents ( as adults) spend more and accumulate less.

They have a rule of thumb that your net worth should be in excess of your age x 1/10 of you salary. The book then puts people into the under and over accumulator category. I was quite surprised to be in the latter myself, though mostly pension. Americans seem to be even worse than us Brits at hanging on to their money.

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