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The Millionaire Next Door

Thomas J Stanley, William D Danko A fascination book, and high on many lists of finance books I’ve come across. It’s pretty dated, so the figures won’t be accurate any more, but the central message certainly is. Essentially, the authors studied many millionaires, and analysed many attributes. The key take …

The Debt Snowball

Debt Think of your financial situation as a snowball: When in debt you are pushing this huge snowball up hill. As you pay your debt off, and the interest element decreases, your snowball gets smaller, lighter, and less of a burden. You reach the top, and can enjoy the view …

Moneyweek – cash article

There’s an interesting article in this week’s Moneyweek regarding the use of cash. As it points out, there are several powerful stakeholders for whom replacing cash is beneficial. The government can of course tax electronic payments more reliably than cash transactions. The banks and tech companies behind the payment methods …

Quick quote

I like this, found in Youtube’s comment of all places. Not somewhere you want to spend too much time… Best Rule for Spending: “If you can’t buy it Twice, you can’t afford it”