Ooops… well we all need to learn lessons

Ooops… well we all need to learn lessons

I like to think that I’m pretty well in control my finances. I have my bills down to pretty much the lowest feasible (currently £8/month mobile, £14 water, £38 fuel, £18 broadband), and don’t have any subscriptions I don’t actively used.

It’s therefore with some embarrassment, but complete disclosure, that I admit to having missed the increase in cost of hosting this blog. By 700%.


Needless to say I was straight on the phone, and brought that down considerably. It’s always worth asking.

I’ve noticed recently that the big broadband providers are stating that their deals will increase by CPI + around 4% pa. How do they justify that? Shouldn’t it just group by inflation? Will we be earning 6% more this time next year? Of course not, they just hope that we’re stupid.

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