Light at the end of the tunnel?

Light at the end of the tunnel?

FTSE 100 post Covid 19
FTSE 100 November 2020

It was always going to happen. Many company shares have stayed below their pre-Covid level throughout the pandemic. Some finance commentators I follow have claimed that the market has ‘costed in’ the development of a vaccine, however when you look at such things as airlines and event-based companies, this seemed unlikely.

Certainly my own modest portfolio has been around 15% down throughout. Then the first vaccine results were released, and the market response was phenomenal. My own portfolio is up 11% over the month (and my shares in SSP, which provide food outlets in airports are in the green for the first time).

Being quite conservative, and having noticed the market bounces often drop back slightly after a day or two, I sold some of my FTSE 100 ETS shares, which I was starting to think a little overweight anyway.

What an interesting time to be learning about the markets!

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