How to get poor quickly

How to get poor quickly

I’ve mentioned before the archetypal ‘get rich quick’ scammer, posing next to their hired Lamborghini on Instagram. In this case it was a hired Ferrari, and a bad outfit.

£3.5 million taken from mostly young people eager to make money quickly with no effort. It’s easy to be hard on victims of these scams, but the scammers are good at what they do. If they weren’t they’d be no good and we wouldn’t hear about them. Combine that with naivety, and the shallow bling-fest that is Instagram, and it’s little wonder people are getting taken for a ride.£35m-fraud-three-days-after-uk-medical-student-posed-with-ferrari-at-eiffel-tower/ar-BBYLWBk?ocid=spartandhp

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