First Direct’s Money Wellness Index

First Direct’s Money Wellness Index

First Direct have published their second Wellness Index, brought forward to assess the impact of Covid-19 on people financial wellness.

Written by neuroscientist and clinical neurologist Ash Ranpura, it makes a fascinating read; particularly if, like me, you’re fascinated by the intersection of money and phycology.

We’re an odd bunch when it comes to money. Research suggests Brits are happy admitting to having an STI (and not the Subaru type) than divulge their salary or bank balance.

I’m probably just as bad to be fair. I’ve often wondered what would happen to the car industry if people had to write on the side of their cars what they owed on them.

In my experience, most people over-estimate how much others earn and underestimate what an average salary is (~£29k).

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