A Financial Journey

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About me (apparently Google like to see an About Us page…)

By way of an introduction, I’m a forty-something Yorkshireman, with a day job and a side hustle. Neither of which really achieves what I need them to do.

I have for some time been interested in personal finance, and have dabbled on and off with share dealing. I recently discovered the joys of podcasts, and found it was a great way to use my lengthy commute to learn more about the subject.

I’m also fascinated by the impact that money, and lack of, has on people. I’ve never been wealthy by UK standards, but I have had a net worth of -£££s, and not that long ago. It won’t happen again.

I’ve always had a tendency to learn how to do things myself.

  • I needed a new bathroom but couldn’t afford one fitting, so I learn basic plumbing and fitted it myself.
  • I wanted to know how to take decent photos of my new born daughter without studio prices, so I bought some kit, built a studio, and learned how to do it. I became a professionally qualified wedding photographer.
  • I ended up in an unfortunate position at work, which could have been alleviated by a better knowledge of the law, so, having changed jobs, I did a Masters in Law. If it happens again, I’ll know the law better than my employer.
  • Being interested in money, and investing in particular, I am now doing the relevant CII exams, to qualify as a An Independent Financial Advisor. You can follow my journey on this here blog!

So, it made sense to me to learn how to make, manage and save money myself!

We all make mistakes, it’s how we learn from them which counts. There’s an enormous amount of information available for free online, including investing and managing money. I have found though that investment information is often more complex than it needs to be. My aim here is to simplify money and wealth creation. I hope you fine some useful information/motivation.

I therefore decided to write it down as a way of summarising and clarifying my thoughts, and share them with anybody who may be interested. Some of the sources of information contradict each other. I believe that you need to take on board all the information you can, and make your own decisions.

There’s no doubt there’s a pensions time bomb, and I don’t expect any state pension by the time I’m 67. Therefore we need to ensure we have enough assets to have a comfortable life when we no longer can, or wish, to work.